You know what they say, "Once you play bride you'll never be one......"
Obviously it's, "Once a bridesmaids.....", and you know the rest. Honestly who cares though!
Marriage is a nice bond to have but not one we all have to strive to or feel bad about
 never having, nor wanting to have.

I have to stop myself or this post will develop into a thesis attempting to prove 
my theory that marriage is just capitalist, religious dogma. 
But, "Hey!" 
Let's get back to the enchanting visuals and unreal moments Kelsey captures on camera.
Kelsey, of course the sweetest soul I reached out to via Instagram in an attempt
 to make a new, creative friend. 
Shortly after, here I am....faux-briding for her portfolio.

Who knew awkward, five-foot-four me would pass as a decent traditional bride.

Also, never be afraid to reach out to other creatives or people you want to meet.
Instagram can be fake and annoying but it's also a great tool to meet up with people who want to help you achieve your vision!

Photos by Kelsey Prater

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