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I found these archived away and I couldn't pin-point why I hadn't shared them yet.
Then, it came to me. These "vintage" 501 Levi's are way too big!
Free People sells "vintage" 501s, but I'm not sure how accurately vintage they are.
Considering Levi's actively sells them on their site. I'm pretty sure they toss vintage 
into the description and charge $20 more than Levi's, Macy's and other retailers.

Presumptions aside, I also found I'm not a die hard Levi's fan.
I was so excited to get my hands on a pair of 501 CT jeans. I had heard tales of their 
marvelous fit, comfortability, and overall perfect boyfriend/girlfriend jean look.
.....as I slipped my right leg in......
my left following....
....I realized
....these are not the jeans for me.

This is an accurate account of Tennessee weather. 
One minute you need a jacket, sixty seconds later you're flinging it off.

I'm saying, "Peace out Levi's!" 
(With the exception to the shrunken pair I found at Goodwill)
I'll say, "Hello," to any brand of jeans that doesn't fit me like a diaper. 
Jeans that can accommodate a small waist with some cargo below.
A brand that sources ethically and uses organic cotton or recycled fibers.

If you know anyone, leave their website below!

Photos by: Samantha Kamer

Wearing head-to-calf Free People (including vintage Levi's 501 CT Jeans), shoes are Boohoo (With whom I no longer/refuse to shop with. You know this, if you've been following my anti-fast fashion/sustainable journey)


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