The Primaries


"I miss you when you're around"

Let's take it back to the basics. The primaries: red, blue, and yellow.
I actually didn't plan to wear these three colors in coordination. I just woke up and thought, 
"My vintage pajama shirt would look cool with cuffed jeans," and, "Oh! I'm running late again! Let's do black mules. No, no too boring! The mustard ones."
And yes, that is exactly how I get dressed every morning.
I spend far too many minutes than I am willing to tell you, in bed day-dreaming, reading, or just straight up staring at the ceiling. Then thirty minutes before I have to leave I jump up, get dressed, brush my teeth, do next to nothing to my hair and face, and grab a leather or denim jacket and GO.

All photos by Darling Juliet 

Jacket - ASOS (worn before here) / Stripe Shirt - Vintage Ralph Lauren / Jeans - Zara / Sunglasses - Free People / Shoes - Zara (but scored on Poshmark, because I'm an unorganized thrifter)

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