Summer '17: Wants vs. Needs


I feel ridiculous doing a "wishlist".
Since starting my sustainable journey, the easiest contribution I can make to push myself toward a 
long-term healthy fashion lifestyle is to simply shop less. As it is with any other lifestyle change. 
Want a healthier body? - Eat less, exercise more.
Want to unplug? - Stay off the Internet, delete apps from you phone.
Want to be a nicer person? - Stop judging others.
Want to put more in savings? - Stop spending.
etc, etc, etc...

Even though I am consuming less (I only buy 1-2 new items per month instead of my previous 5-10).
It doesn't mean I all of a sudden want less. Yet, I am aware that I need less - far less.
We, in the Western world, are entrapped "to the competitive capitalist dogma"
even if we believe ourselves to have evolved passed and eluded it.
We want. We NEED IT. We consume. We toss. Then want more.

I literally have to force myself not to press checkout when browsing ASOS' website. 
It's so hard not grab that perfect $7.99 top. But think about it, 
"Could even you buy enough fabric to make a shirt yourself?". The answer in most cases is, no. 
So, if you can't buy the allotted yards of fabric to make a shirt for $7.99, 
how is a company making the same shirt for that cost while paying it's employees a living wage
on top of a list of all the other "expenses" included in the making of one garment? 
They probably aren't. Which prevents me from checking out every time.

Now that I've washed off my soapbox:

Jacquemus Slingback - Jacquemus, Nordstrom / Alana Oversized Jeans - AGOLDE / Sophir Mom Jeans - Replay / 
The Goldfinger Hat - Lack of Color (Bought! I found it on Polyvore!) / Brass Heart Necklace - IGWT / 
Linen Shirt - Reformation / Russo Dress - Reformation / Choker Waist Belt - Zana Bayne / 
Square Neck Top - Zara / Slit Cuff Top - Zara / Vintage Budweiser Shirt - Etsy (Bought! 
Just search "Vintage Graphic Tee" and you'll be in heaven)

*Say Anything - Admit It!!! reference

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