Feminist Mantra Overload? No Such Thing!


I've had this shirt for two years now. I'm not mentioning this as a, "Look I had a feminist mantra graphic tee before it was cool." I'm pointing it out to reflect on the self-growth I've had in 24 months time. When I snagged this Brandy Melville USA graphic tee at Nordstrom, of course everyone on Instagram had it, I wanted it. For two reasons: I thought it was cute and I did believe in equal rights for men and women on an oblivious scale at that time. Now my eyes have opened wider, I'm not as naive - but still hopeful.

As I'm starting my career path, I can the differences men and women face in the workplace I had only liked and reblogged about before. I have lived through a presidential election where the stigmas placed on women in this country rung loud and clear. I saw people of color create a voice and demand to be heard, seen, and represented. I watched women shut down not only this country but several others just by the resistance of a march. I'm now past the point of a cute tee and asking myself, "Who can I donate to? Where can I volunteer?"

Post 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and Women's March you can clearly see how retailers have capitalized the "resistance tee". From Dior to Prabal Gurung (Otherwild remake) to Everlane to TwoSongs to Sugar High Lovestoned and so many other designers or small brands. I'm not saying this is a negative thing (My "capitalism is woe" soapbox shan't be stood on today)! Many, if not most, of these brands/retailers

are donating proceeds from the sales of these products to ACLU or Planned Parenthood. Which is amazing! You get to wear a catchy, cool graphic tee, let everyone know you stance on equal rights, and support organizations that are out there making waves in the movement. Even though the resistance and/or feminist tee seems a tad overdone (especially the $710 Dior t-shirt!!!), I 100% condone wearing your political heart on your sleeve.

All photos by Darling Juliet 

Graphic Tee - Brandy Melville USA (similar)(similar)(similar) / Denim Culottes - Zara (similar)


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