Gleaming. Squinting. Sweating.


I bet you're thinking, "Khira, it's basically summertime! 
Where are your culottes and cotton band t-shirts? Three layers? Have you lost your mind?"
NEWSFLASH: Khira hates summer! She also only owns one pair of shorts and 
would much rather wear jeans and long sleeve button-ups year-round!
But alas, she lives in the South and will cave in and switch out her biker jacket 
for a linen blouse, and inevitably a t-shirt.

I can't even wear a dress without throwing a pair of yoga shorts underneath it!
Hence the somewhat Asian/Americana hybrid embroidered mini dress atop of my favorite flares.

Also, I've realized I've been living a lie. All this time claiming I was a Carrie/Samantha hybrid. 
However, after evaluating my wardrobe habits and my desire to layer and show the least amount of skin possible. 
I must reevaluate my Sex and the City self......maybe I'm a Carrie/Miranda after all?

I wanted these little leather mustard babies from Zara about a year ago but I opted against them. 
Buuuut I found them on Poshmark, new with tags, for less than half of their original price tag!

All photos by Darling Juliet 

Faux Leather Jacket - Zara / Mini Dress - Zara (soldout) / Super Flares - Free People / Mustard Point Toe Shoes - Zara (soldout)

p.s. If you're wondering why a lot of my outfits are still mostly Zara or other non-sustainable brands. Just know that sustainability is a journey and a part of that journey is getting a full life out of the clothes you already have. It wouldn't be very smart for me to throw out/donate all of my "non earth-friendly" items just to go out and consume new things.


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