Casual Saturday


Casual Friday? Saturday? Everyday?
Is it just me or have you noticed how dressed up street style is now accepted as "semi-professional" dress? It is somewhat relieving that three-piece is not always required in the work place.
On one hand it's nice to know that one doesn't have to drop $200-300 on suits to alternate for their 9-5.
But on the other hand, I'm wondering, "Have Millennials forgotten how to dress up?"....."Have I forgotten how to dress?"
Baby Boomers and Gen Xers would most likely agree we've lost touch of professionalism, but we've also discovered how to take advantage of the world in front of us by turning Blogging, Instagram, Youtube, and even driving (Uber/ Lyft) into careers. 
So maybe it could be said that some of us have lost our "suit and tie" touch, but "Hey!" look what we've done with their leftovers.
Who needs a three-piece suit when you can start a career right from your living room!

*Sidenote: I still need to buy a belt*

My current favorite shoes! I'm pretty Brother Vellies did the round heel first.

Blazer - Nordstrom / Zodiac Shirt - Urban Outfitters (similar) / Denim Culottes - Zara / Wood Heel Mules - Mango