Take Flight


Who's ready to fight the man? *

My friend, Sarah, has a keen eye for the perfect vintage piece. 
From Levi's to Gucci to Graphic Tees to Scarves to Flight Suits, 
she literally has every cool vintage item under the sun. 
She has a very cute Etsy you should take a peek at! 
She's not like some of the other *cough cough* vintage vixens who sell an A+ Goodwill find for half a kidney. 
I mean we all need to make a living, but if you find the perfect pair of Levi's 505s at your local 
thrift store for $2.99 don't hike them up to $230 all in the name of capitalism.

Sarah styled me in this vintage flight suit with my white Boohoo boots 
(I bought them before I swore Boohoo off - don't judge me). 
We added the silk scarf and beret because you can't fight the French patriarchy 
without the necessities, am I right?
Did I mention Sarah also gifted me this beret?! #blessed #I'mFrenchNow

*the man: Trump Administration, Climate Change & Capitalism in general



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