Laundry Mat? Laundromat?


Is it faux pas or duplicative that I have longed to do a laundromat shoot since day one?
There is something interesting about things that are out of place: an abandoned Victorian home still standing 
between newly erect luxury lofts, wearing a couture dress with dirty Converse, 
putting on a full face of makeup but not brushing you hair, this list could go on and on.
I love things that don't seem to go together, dirty things - old things - pointless things, that throw you off-guard 
at first, then you step back and think, "Nah, I definitely like that."

In the name of misplacement, I put on my new favorite slip dress - that actually makes me look like I have hips - and waltzed in a very much in use laundry mat/laundromat  to show Paula (my new dress) off.

Don't you love how this $49 Zara find drapes???
It's 100% cupro. Which, as I've just recently learned, is a fairly sustainable fabric option.
As you may know if you've been actually reading my posts...
(I know, I know I ramble and our modern day attention spans are diminutive thanks to Vine and Instagram)...I've given up almost shopping fast-fashion brands, except Zara #imtrying, alongside swearing off polyester.
In my research for sustainable brands, fabrics, and fibers I found that cupro - cuprammonium rayon -is actually a reasonably sustainable material that resembles silk in look and feel. 
Which is a plus, since most of us can't afford a silk dress or wear one all day, everyday (t.m.i but silk is the devil and makes me sweat nonstop), and polyester can look and feel like silk but is also gross for the Mother Earth!
I'll be sharing more sustainable shopping habits and tips as I get deeper in my research and closet, eventually....

All photos by: Kenzie Maroney

White Faux Leather Jacket - Zara / Slip Dress - Zara soldout (similar) (similar) / Embroidered Princeton Loafers - Gucci


  1. The shoot, the look, just eveything ! in love with this post. What is it about the laundry places that give such good visuals!


    1. Thank you! Yes I am literally obsessed with laundry mat shoots!!