Fell in Love with My Airbnb's Couch


Could you imagine a home that screams East Nashvillian more than this one?
I know you can't see the entire home, but the clearly "vintage" (or Anthropologie) navy velvet couch paired with the weathered wood floors and delicately placed "vintage" record player (or Urban Outfitters) are the substantial character clues that lead to the conclusion.

From my weekend stay, in the heart of Nashville, I have concluded two to three potential, fictional, yet concrete theories concerning its owners.

Theory number one.
They are both non-Nashville natives who migrated to Middle Tennessee and unintentionally but yet still knowingly participated in the gentrification of East Nashville in pursuit of their artistic dreams. He, a mustached ginger (this is a solid fact from their family photo hanging in the bedroom) with big dreams of becoming a respected Indie Alternative producer. I chose producer because singer/songwriter is too cliche even for this faux Airbnb host story. Her, a dark-haired misfit (also a family portrait fact) drawn to Nashville to pursue her dream of opening her flagship period-themed vintage boutique.

Theory number two.
They are both Nashville natives who are actually genuine, minimalist hipsters. They met on a Sunday, at 2 a.m., at a laundromat. Their powerful love connection began when they mistook the other's laundry as their own. Uncoincidentally they wear the same size Imogen + Willie pants. *shocker*

Theory number three.

Yes, I know.
My sarcastic assumptions about these Airbnb hosts are more dynamic than this outfit. 
But sometimes you just have to go black on black on black on Gucci.

All photos by: Kenzie Maroney

Ribbon Knit Top - Zara / High-Rise Pants - ASOS / Biker Jacket - ASOS (similar) / Princeton Loafer - Gucci

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