When's Recess


Back to basics, right?
At first I thought this outfit was boring but then I thought, "No Khira, this is cute. Simple. But Cool Girl Simple."
That's how I convince myself to leave the house every morning....is it "cool" do you look "unbothered" and "unapproachable".....if the answer is yes, then I'm good to go.
If you were glancing at your closet this morning, ready to set every single piece of clothing on fire, while simultaneously letting out sighs of despair, I've got you covered.
Just grab a pair of cropped jeans, your favorite booties, a knit top, and a jacket and call it a day. 

If you have zero of these items:
A) You must hate me, that's literally 90% of my closet.
B) Please invest in a favorite pair of booties! ASAP!
C) Grab whatever is in you closet that makes you feel Angeline Jolie circa 1999-2005 "cool".

It also helps to have a bag (that you - aka me - got for $9!!!) that says "Not Me". 
Which will be sure to let everyone know, you guessed it, "Hey, it wasn't me and it never will be."
What better accessory to have while strutting through Target to find the best size poster board for your Women's March protest sign, or suffering through a dull Tinder date.
This outfit is suited for either occasion. In case you were wondering which I wore this to.....it was Target.

"NOT ME...now or ever"

What am I doing? I assume trying to exert dominance in the schoolyard or convince them that I am IN FACT cool enough to be a Pink Lady.

"I'll see you after class..."

Hi-Neck Top - ASOS (similar) / Denim Jacket - Treasure & Bond (similar) / Crop Pants - ASOS / Boots - Topshop (similar) / Bag - Zara

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