Cato's Has Cool Pants?


(The exact expression on my face when I first stepped foot into Cato's)

I bet your mind is already wondering, "Khira in Cato's? What's the Stitch?". Let me fill you in.
I was complaining to some girl I hardly knew.  Which is what I do when bonding with strangers, find common subjects of hatred then advance from there. 
We were discussing our current favorite/least favorite places to shop, and I brought up my need for new pairs of
 "business casual" aka "working woman" pants as all my current ones have holes in the pocket or leg seams.
No joke this girl said to me, "I love Cato's for anything business". I almost passed out! Honestly!
I expected her to say White House | Black Market, Zara, even H&M, but..........Cato's?
Good thing she was an acquaintance and not a close friend suggesting I stop, shop, and roll myself to  Cato's for my everyday #GIRLBOSS needs.
Long story short....I went in there and found these very "me" plaid pants for $12.99!
Not saying I would regularly shop there, but I for sure was being prejudice because I found some basic button ups and other closet fillers too.

Also if you haven't noticed by now, my blog is shifting into a "where what you have, stop shopping" vibe. 
My lifestyle is slightly changing. I hope you love it as much as I do.
For the past six months I've really been focused on the footprint the fashion industry leaves on the planet, and I've been trying to slowly stop contributing to the often wasteful trend cycle.
I enjoy how "recycling" my closet has forced me to really get in touch with my style (which is still evolving) 
and learn how you can be environmentally conscious without wearing thong sandals and cut-offs.
Not that I don't buy new, but I definitely take a longer look at how long I can/will wear something before just smiling and swiping. 
I still have a long way to go but definitely expect to see less new items but new #ootd combinations.

Also any suggestions on where to shop green besides The Reformation are greatly appreciated!

Plaid Pants - Cato's / Leather Jacket - ASOS (similar) / Cardigan - Zara / Leather Mules - Topshop (similar) / Handbag - Coach

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