I "Borrowed" My Grandmother's Coach Bag


Over the weekend I treated myself to a solo movie date and saw La La Land. It was everything the commercials, critics, and powers that be behind the Golden Globes talked it up to be. A jaw-dropping, modern, original musical that catches you, lifts you up, tosses you down, then levels you out once again. Clearly I loved this movie and I want everyone and their dog to go see it! I mean the plot, cast, scores, costumes, and cinematography was just a huge, Huge, HUGE Y E S. I mean it's no Pride & Prejudice or Moulin Rouge, should I say, but it is a very good movie. While watching the movie I was inspired by one of the scenes, "Someone in the Crowd" - if you've seen it you'll catch my reference. One of Mia's roommates ties a scarf around her head, in play. I was inspired to start playing with my scarves and bandanas once again, but wasn't brave enough to go full on Betty Draper. There is a line in the movie, "You have to want it more", and that resonated with me. I started to think, "What is it that I truly want?" "Am I pushing myself to get there?".

Therefore, one could see this outfit is a product of the sudden scarf inspiration La La Land gave me. It is also a result of me finding this Coach bag shoved in my Grandma's closet and asking her if I could "borrow" it for the weekend. I am really picky about purses and bags in general, that is why most of my outfits don't include one because I only own one actually purse and two wallets. I like everything I need to be in one place - phone in my right pocket, card and I.D. in my left. So naturally when I find a handbag I actually like I am all over it, and one I don't have to buy....even better. The rest of my outfit is all recycled, as I like to do, besides these Zara jeans I snagged on the Super Sale they've been having for a couple of months now. They are clearly trying to get rid of everything 2016 and start fresh, so if you haven't grabbed a few things from Zara's sale please do. I mean these pants were literally $12.99 - basically free.

Handbag - Coach / thrifted (from my Grandma) / Mom Jeans - Zara / Cropped Moto Jacket - Nasty Gal

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