Somewhere Over the Dunes...


Who knew salt + sand dunes could function as the perfect photo opt backdrop. Forget creating sandcastles, salting slick, snow laced roads, or whatever the actually use these for. Everyone in Nashville with any tiny creative itch has snuck in this construction site for a photo or two. Regardless of their real purpose, you can't deny you could do some very cool things with the right angle. *Boom* You're in the desert *Snap* You're climbing a mountain. Just think, YOU TOO, could impress your Instagram followers by eluding to a vacation that may or may not have happened. When in actuality you just drove by a blue dune and thought, "Wow - wtf". It is very interesting to me how something so simple as sand and salt becoming wet can make such vibrant colors. It's the simple things - am I right.

My outfit is all thrifted, well aside from my d.i.y scarf turned headwrap and Gucci loafers *gasps*. So in other words 90% thrifted, 100% lost my mind for caving and buying these shoes. I had to get them in Men's (the snake design is not available in Women's - only floral #nothanks) but luckily my big foot came to the rescue and it fit in the Men's size. The Princetown loafer has been everywhere from runway to streetstyle to knock-offs for the past year and a half. While I will admit I have bought two or three pairs of mules and loafers in that time period, I have still been yearning for these. I took Donna and Tom Haverford's concrete advice and treated myself one big time. To be perfectly clear, my obsession with mules, backless loafers, slip-ons (honestly, you pick) dates back to Sex and the City as does all my personality traits.

As close to rock climbing as I'll ever get.

*gasps twice* 
*gasps once more for effect*

Entire Outfit Thrifted *except*

Skinny Scarf - Free People (similar) / Snake Princetown Loafer - Gucci (similar) (similar)

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