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I've been sitting on these beautiful images, by oxy.to.cin, for almost two months now.
and NO....
I was not cautious of sharing them because I'm in a bodysuit, which is basically a cotton swimsuit f.y.i...
It's literally taken me that long to choose my favorites without posting 
e v e r y. s i n g l e. p h o t o. s h e. t o o k !
Rachel has got to be the absolute best photographer I have ever worked with in real life, and she's younger than me! 
Her work is alive and has a clear voice. She's not just taking pretty pictures.

I bought this "don't worry it's" faux fur coat and instantly fell in love. 
Then I quickly realized that I live in Tennessee where I will only "need" to wear this maybe two weeks out of the year, 
therefore my purchase was invalid and returned shortly after this shoot. I know shame on me, but let's be real here.
All of my outfits were styled by myself, and all of the clothes are Free People.

"Walk up into the club like....what up I got no pants on"

In all seriousness, Lauren looks like an A class, unicorn goddess!

My favorite outfit of the shoot. Styled by myself.
I really regret not buying these joggers, they were the definition of comfort and cool. They could have been my go-to "Run in Wal-Mart" pants, but I guess I'll have to stick with pajama pants.

Queue Moulin Rouge soundtrack, "One day I'll flyyyyy away....Leave all this to yesterday...."

I was just triple checking, making sure the horse wasn't about to try something slick...like lick me.

All Photos by Oxytocin Photography

All Clothes are Free People

Models: Lauren @leauxleaux_moonchild / Augusta @augustastinson

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