New Adventures, Same City


Aside from my love of fashion, music, and Sex and the City, architecture is another obsession to add to the list.
By architecture I mean small, 19th century houses and abandoned, run-down buildings.
I am very unsure when my love for white brick homes under 900 square feet began.
I'm going to coin it on my 12 year old self and her Anne of Green Gables obsession.
Even though any true Anne of Green Gables fan knows Green Gables was a white and green farm house, clearly not white and brick,
 but let me spare the details of my extensive knowledge of all things L.M. Montgomery.
So before I left Nashville (for good or temporarily - who knows), I decided to take one good exploration around town 
with the coolest person I've met in Nashville so far!
My super genuine + rock 'n' roll friend, Sam, took me around to some of her current favorite spots in Nashville.
Her waist, concho belt, and small percentage of a huge turquoise ring collection are pictured above.

We had to go inside this low-down, forgotten bowling alley.
Not to bowl, but to validate our perception of what it would look like inside.
We assumed it would be run-down and abandoned, 
not in a disgusting "I don't want to be here" way, but a vintage "never been remodeled" way.
You walk in, and there's a bulletin board with severely outdated posters 
and names of bands that played shows there in the past. 
A huge neon sign, hanging from the ceiling, reads B O W L I NG (which I hope to have hanging in my house one day tbh).
Behind the shoe counter are three guys all presumably a decade apart - one late 20s, late 30s, then late 50s - 
but somehow all in the same stage of life. 
The stage of life where you work some shotty job for, well.....forever - reasons unknown.
The whole joint breathed Charles Bukowski; hopeless, rundown, but somehow still the most interesting thing 
you've seen in a very, very long time.

We parked in the middle of a stranger's yard just so I could document this beautiful white brick house. 

If you like expensive, overpriced "Nashvillian Style" vintage then go check out High Class Hillbilly.
If you're like me and prefer yard sales and Goodwill, then stay at home.

When we pulled up to High Class Hillbilly, I hopped out of the car and found this knife.
Not surprisingly, my dumb self picked it up.
This homemade knife was no doubt someone's murder weapon of choice.
So now I keep the knife in my kitchen, because my DNA was all over it and I've watched Law & Order: SVU 
toooooo many times to just leave it where I found it.

What they say is true, some things are better from the back - especially in this case.

WTF @ this Patrick Bateman moment


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