I Thought It was a Dave Matthews Band Shirt, tbh

*O M G* 
LOOK >>>
It's me, wearing a band shirt that I have never/and probably never will listen to!
Who should we call?!?! Who do we call?!?! Is there a music imposter police? Call them up asap...911!
(f.y.i that is how ridiculous people sound when they make a big deal about wearing a band shirt)
I'm wearing all Free People, except my shoes (Topshop), again.
To be honest, Free People probably has the best selection of graphic band shirts - besides Etsy (expensive) and 
actually going to concerts (also expensive/time consuming).
I was so excited when I first saw this thermal because I thought it was a Dave Matthews Band shirt. 
They are not even in my Top 20 when it comes to music, but for some reason I was ecstatic.
Then I realized it was just a cool thermal with a Pegasus and a band even older than the Dave Matthews Band that I had never heard of. With the Dave Matthews vs. Steve Miller nonsense said and done, 
I love pairing oversize with oversize - I live for a good "painting my house in old clothes all day" look.
Just because you've got a lot going on the bottom aka super wideleg, vintage vibe Levi's, 
doesn't mean you can't have a lot of nonsense on top as well. 
Also after taking these photos I decided it was waaaay to hot for this hairstyle. 
R.I.P crochet braids

Steve Miller Band Tee - Free People / Topshop Leather Mule - Nordstrom / Levi's Slouchy Flare - Free People

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