Ugly Pretty Fringe Dress of My Dreams

Shout out to everyone who told me this dress was ugly and not to buy it.
  1. This dress is the weirdest combination of style, print, and outrageous I have ever seen in a normal (non-boutique, non-design, non-high fashion) retail store.
  2. I swore last Fall when fringe was on the rise and literally on EVERYTHING, that I was not a fan. Clearly I am a fringe fan because look @ all this unnecessary fringe!
  3. What is this very interesting, super Asian culture inspired, not repetitive, does not make much sense print on this dress?
Needless to say, I am very into this dress. 
It's from ASOS (big shocker), and I bought it six months ago and I haven't worn it yet
because I couldn't think of a place cool enough in comparison to the dress.
I mean where is the perfect place to wear an ugly, awesome dress? Do tell?
Clearly the ideal location is a shadow infested, mixed paint wall - next to some random steps and two abandoned mops
(just scroll down, you'll see the mops).
If you haven't already noticed I am 110% obsessed with mules, I literally never want to wear any other type of shoe 
(I mean maybe some heeled boots in the winter time, but we'll see).
My Fall/Winter Wish-Want-Never Going to Happen-list, which I'll be posting soon, 
is literally just a focus on mules I want to buy and what other items I need to buy to make my closet "mule ready".
I want everything in my closet to be able to be worn with these backless beauties or any backless beauties added in the future.
I was trying to have a little fun with the shadows. 
I still have so much to learn when it comes to photography, but #1 is always have fun with it -
#2 is eventually learn how to "sit like a lady".


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