Vintage Patch Obsession Continues

Currently I've been obsessed with vintage military inspired styles. Such as, cargo jackets, patches, pins, and etc.

Thrift stores, Flea Markets, and your local Army Surplus are always the best places to find amazing 
vintage pieces - especially when it comes to patches and military paraphernalia. 
Etsy is sometimes a good site to check as well, but as always people are always trying to overcharge you when 
reselling vintage gems. Coincidently, I did get all these patches from Etsy for less than $5 each! D E A L!
I literally got lost trying to find the Army Surplus location in Nashville, so 
I ended up getting this cargo jacket at Local Honey (which is a great vintage reseller/hair salon) 
#howclever #getyourhaircutandsomeoldclothestoo
I'd say Local Honey is reasonable on their vintage prices and they have the coolest handpicked pieces, 
if you're in Nashville definitely check out one of their two locations!
I'll definitely be hitting up the next Nashville Flea Market to see what else I can find to feed my obsession.
These, obviously too big but I'm still wearing them, Wrangler shorts are from Goodwill or Salvation Army ages ago. 
I did a little d.i.y (distress it yourself) on them using scissors, a cheese grader, and my handy-dandy hands, :)
So next time you want a jacket with a vintage vibe or super distressed shorts or pants. Go to your local thrift stores and scout out the good stuff instead of paying $100+ for something from Urban Outfitters or Topshop.
Buuuut if you prefer to buy things and aren't the crafty type, I attached some links below to similar items that are just as "vintage cool".
Vintage Cargo Jacket - Local Honey / Ankle Strap Heels - Mango / Vintage Wrangler Shorts - Goodwill + Distressed D.I.Y / Vintage Patches - Etsy

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