In Pursuit of the Pantsuit

Most of the time when you think pantsuit, you think boring, soul-sucking corporate attire.
But pantsuits (or matching separates for that matter) can be stylish and fun to play around with.

The "corporate look" can be achieved so many ways - a nice blazer over your favorite skinny jeans or an oversized, 
courtesy of Goodwill, button up shirt with slacks. 
Either way there are so many ways to play around and still look Girlboss business, Elle Woods courtroom ready.
I'm always down for maximum skin showing, no bra outfits, so I paired these grey separate with body con halter crop top.
Idk if I can wear this to the office, but who's office am I really going in anyway.

Blazer - Nordstrom (similar) / Dropwaist Dress Pants - Missguided (similar) (similar) / Crop Top - Forever 21 (similar) /  Steve Madden Stecy Heel - Nordstrom, Steve Madden


  1. I am obsessed with this on you!!

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