“Bella Notte”


Everyone knows I am not a pink lady. I don't wear pink, don't try on pink, I don't even entertain the thought of pink. 

But sometimes one has got to "take one for the team" a.k.a wear pink for work because you're getting paid to. 
All anti-pink jokes to the side, this look is entirely Free People, aside from the assorted arm candy
 from Icing, Claire's, Victoria's Secret (believe it or not), and who knows where else! 
The Bella Notte dress is obviously my fave aspect.
It's a good length, hugs in the right places, and the low neck adds that perfect amount of "Hey, I'm not Amish".
Even though I would never wear this again
 - unless I worked on a dairy farm and I was the hot milkmaid trying to take over the business out from under everyone.
This dress does come in two darker color ways (brown and blue) which I would 10/10 recommend over pink.
So if you are a fan of this look, but dislike pink then you've found yourself in the same pickle as me.
- all Free People

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