Modern Day Cadet Kelly Vibes


(My obsession with mules and patches continues)

I've lived in the Nashville area for over four years now and 
I am just now taking advantage of all there is to do around this interesting city.

I don't know I waited so long, maybe it's because I was overwhelmed by the country music influence
or the crazy, drunken tourism on Broadway, but I've finally realized 
there is way more to Nashville than country music and overpriced apartments.
The other day, I went down to the popular 12 South area, went exploring, 
and experienced some new things with new friends. The area is so cool filled with locals and tourists, 
good food and better drinks, and "Vogue worthy" stores like Imogen + Willie and Savant. 
What better way to debut my new patched filled jumper from Zara and yet another pair of mules, 
than in the very lowkey (but not really lowkey) old gas station, turned storefront.
I am super obsessed with military inspired looks and vintage style patches right now!
 I snagged this jumper from Zara and another vintage army jacket that I added patches to (which you'll be seeing soon).
I am also very into mules or loafers, as some retailers call them, at the moment! 
I think it was the Gucci Princeton Loafers that sold me on them and/or Sex and the City reruns. 
I already have five pairs right now, I need to be stopped before my entire shoe closet is just a mule farm.
I loved exploring the area and discovering how much more there really is to Nashville.
It was also super cool to shoot with a new friend who gets my vibe, and to discover spots for future explorations.

 Photos by: @jordynariel 

Patch Jumpsuit - Zara (soldout) (similar) (similar) / Make It Happen White Mules - ASOS / Aviator Sunglasses - Icing / Flowers - Amelia's Flower Truck :)

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