♡ NYFW Favorites ♡

Fenty x Puma
New Work Fashion Week is one of, if not the most exciting time of the year for us fashion lovers.

Honestly, I prefer Fall collections to Spring - probably because there's more black, grey and muted color schemes overall.
Fenty x Puma, designed by Rihanna (who obviously put in some work, work, work, work), 
was definitely one of my favorite shows as far as street style influence goes. 
I was torn between Jil Sander and Suno (a design duo I had never acknowledged before but now ♡). 
Even though I miss Jil Sander.... Rodolfo Paglialunga is keeping with the Jil Sander brand of making amazing, 
fem-masculine "basic pieces" - everything is clean, simple, but it still catches your attention (well mine at least). 
Suno's collection gave me similar fem-masculine vibes. Except this time its a feminist writer in the 30s or maybe 40s, 
who refuses to use a pseudonym on her work to be published, and she's also chillingly stylish.
Jil Sander Navy
So in honor of keeping things short, sweet, & stylish
I will love any collection that channels "masculine attributes" and ties them into women's clothing
 or any period piece collection. Seriously take me back to the 1900s, 1930s, 1950s on a runway and I'm here for it 110%.
All original photos from Vogue Runway / Edited by Myself

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