All This Olive & No Martini

If you haven't noticed, olive, khaki, army green (whatever you want to call it) has been everywhere
 since last Fall.
I absolutely love it. It's another muted neutral color to wear besides black or grey,
not that I get tired of black or grey I'll love them foreva. Monotone outfits are easy, but not so easy. 
You got to make sure all the shades of black, or white, or olive tones in this case match up and compliment each other.
You can't be wearing a faded grey/black dress under a true black duster, then it's just a mess.
Also peep these shoes that look like a Dior/Yeezy Season 2 knock-off baby. ☟☟☟
Speaking of knock-off babies, this entire outfit is just one big Dior knock-off (I'm sorry to all my fast-fashion hating friends). 
TBH when I bought this cool zipper, passageway filled bomber coat from Pixie Market and I wasn't aware that it was a 
100% Dior "Evening Coat" copy. No Lie/See For Yourself. But the Dior coat, that looks EXACTLY like this, 
is/was $6,600! Sooo, I'm really not thaaat sorry that I snagged this one on sale for $100. The coat is a little much for everyday, all day. I'll probably be unzipping the skirt and using it as a crop bomber more often - it's still cute though.
p.s. I bought this coat over a year ago so if you really like it you're S.O.L

Stand By Flight Jacket: Pixie Market (sold out) / Mid Calf Heeled Boots: Ego / Midi Dress: Forever 21

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