Organizing or Shopping Excuse?

It's January, (obviously) and I'm not a scientist but if I had to guess 
I'd say this is the month when planners and organizers are most commonly bought - and February is
 the month they get recycled or forgotten in the name of romance, roses, and chocolates. 

All I know is, every time I try to sit down and organize my life (work schedule, friend schedule, blogging schedule, etc) 
I just end up thinking of a ton of things I need to buy to "stay organized". 
In all honesty I end up organize shopping (buying random trays and accents from Hobby Lobby and Target to throw my clutter in) instead of actually organizing anything. 
But at least my teeny tiny amount of jewelry and daily essentials are now organized in cute gold, white, and silver accents. 
Hopefully I'll stop leaving the house without my wallet and keys now that 
I've got a cute, basically useless tray to keep them both in.

Ring Holders - ICING, Silver Tray - Target, Mirror Tray - ICING, 2016 Planner - Kate Spade

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