Split the Slit


Oh, that's right I'm back with a new totally unacceptable winter outfit.
First things first, school is unofficially/officially over for YOURS TRULY.
My last presentation was today and graduation is Saturday sooo *praise hands* *Drake voice* "......We Made It"!!!

Now that college is over and there's no way I'm going to grad school, I should be blogging
a lot more bringing you outfits that make you question if it is actually winter or not.
I got these suuuper cool pointed ankle boots from (you guess) Asos, so I had to put an outfit together to show them off.
They remind me of the coveted Dior patent "latex-look" boots from the Winter 2015 collection,
but I like them anyway and they're not a knock-off, just inspired by, so I can live with that.
But yeah, so my ankle boots are super cool/cute - if you don't have a pair of pointed boots get some
 - also let's talk about my super high-to-the-sky slit skirt.
I mean it's December and if I lived anywhere North I would look foolish in this outfit, but its TN where the weather is as bipolar as the entire cast of Girl, Interrupted.
Which means I'm still wearing dresses and skirts without tights and I'm completely unbothered.
The skirt is from Forever 21 like three years ago and my big chunky sweater (that also has a slit in the back)
is from Nasty Gal last year maybe the year before, idk...
I just wanted to contrast all the patent black with something oversized that has coverage.
I mean, if you want to show this much leg you got to cover up the other places, right?
(OMG these boots are so cute, just looook!)
Photos by: @jessica.monae

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