Winter Want(“As If”)list

Winter Wantlist
I'm always online "window shopping" and these are my personal "must-have" items 
for this Fall/Winter.
None of them are really essential to the winter season but I mean, "Hey!"
 who says you've  got to wear boots and hoodies all winter? Not Me!
Looking cute obviously comes before warmth jk - Please dress safely 
(like don't wear sandals during blizzard season)
Mostly just "closet accessories" as I call them. You know - hats, purses, keychains, and shoes that you don't really need but still kind of need are what I consider to be closet "add-ons".
Pieces you can keep for a long time, they never really go out of season or "off trend" but you
 don't necessarily need NEED them so you put off buying them till the last minute or till they go on SALE!!!!
But to be c o m p l e t e l y honest, 
I've already bought 2 out of 8 items on this list, so clearly I have no self-control whatsoever.
I got the Michael Kors Pom Keychain and the superrr pointy Topshop Ankle Boots 
the other day - but I returned a few other items beforehand sooo technically it was a win win for me, the retailers, and yeah mostly just me.

What items are you guys crushing over this Fall/Winter??

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