Blanket Scarf? In This Weather?

Yes, that's right! It's the middle of November (almost Thanksgiving) and the 
weather is still not in the favor of scarves, coats, and other layering necessities. 

Like wtf is Mother Nature doing?? I need answers! I need chilly weather! I want to wear layers upon layers
and cute thigh high boots. Instead I'm wearing crop tops and the same crop biker jacket day after day.
So in my need to validate that it's prime time Fall season, I wrapped a huge blank scarf around myself 
and called it a day (but honestly I was burning up - at least I looked cute).
This scarf is from Forever 21, they only have a few blanket/oversized scarf options online but 
there were a huge selection of styles at my local Forever 21 (RED) store.
If you're looking for a cool blanket scarf there are a TON of options in all price ranges. 
Here are a few I've picked out from my favorite retailers: ASOS (1, 2), Missguided (1,2), Boohoo, and Nordstrom (1, 2)
Blanket scarves are just really cool, and you should buy one because: 
1. They add layers and depth to your outfit
2. If you're in class or anywhere else suuper boring - you can ball the scarf up and use it as a pillow!!
3. It's cold and they're warm...duh

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