How I Make a Fancy Dress “Not So Fancy”


Heads up! This is my all time favorite dress!
I got it from ASOS (of course) last year, maybe even the year before.
It's such a great piece. The heavy velvet and contrast of chiffon make the dress hang perfectly.
Luckily the weather is changing, because even though the stress is sleeveless (which you can't see cause I didn't take a pic without the jacket - oh well) the material is super warm so I never wear it in the spring.
I have this habit of always wearing a biker jacket or blazer with "girly" dresses. I just want to grunge everything up.
Anna Wintour and Mindy Kaling both said they would never be caught in head-to-toe black, and even though they're two strong, smart women I look up to - you can catch me in black five days out of the week.

Did you notice how cute my pointed toe heels are??
For some reason pom-pom have been on a lot of things recently, from handbags to shoes and even dresses. I'm not even mad about it. 
Idk why but I am so down for pom-poms and faux fur covered shoes. It's like a mini party on your feet all day long!
Even though I turned this dress into a fashionable biker girlfriend moment, I feel like I still get cute points because I have the cutest pair of shoes on so it's definitely a win-win.

Photography: Kenneth Purdom

Maxi Dress (soldout) - ASOS , Biker Jacket - Nasty Gal, Pointed Toe Heels - ASOS

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