All Stripes and Sizes


So I'm guessing when I woke up the other morning I was really into stripes. 
Maybe I fell asleep watching some zebras on the Discovery Channel 
or watched some old school prison movie. 

All I know is, I was really feeling it.
It can be really fun to go out on a limb and mix and match colors or patterns - 
and in this case stripes.
I only do horizontal stripes (even though the "experts" say they make you wider).
I cannot even imagine what vertical stripes could be for??? Maybe on a pair of slacks or jeans, 
No, ew! Never mind, 
Let's just say horizontal stripes now and forever more.
Everything in this outfit I have had forever 
(except the flats - which are new from Asos of course).
I got this little crop top from Forever 21 probably two or three summers ago
and these slacks are thrifted. I bought them for
like $4 with the tags still attached.
The wristlet I got from Francesca's last Holiday season.
So basically I've got this cute, stripe filled outfit for under $40.
But, tbh this is definitely a sign that I should clean out my closet more often.
(Also I'm not wearing a bra with this, because you know #freethenipple)

Crop Top - Forever 21(similar) (similar), Navy Slacks - Thrifted, Pointed Stripe Flats - Asos, Wristlet - Francesca's, Rings/Watch - Same as Always lol
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