Mad Men Called, Betty Needs Her Dress Back

Who doesn't love a modern twist on vintage statements? Obviously we all do.
It seems that the 2000's have been all about putting a cool twist on past decades, or just simply bringing the same styles back.
If it's not a 90's flashback, it's a 70's vibe, or in the case of this dress a 1960's bored, but bold housewife feeling.
(I'm secretly waiting for the mid 1900's style to come back so I can dress in Edwardian and Victorian attire without weird looks and losing friends)
Yes, this dress is from ASOS as is the majority of my closet.
I had been eyeing this dress for awhile trying to decide if I would actually wear it, but I'm so glad I finally bought it because it's a really great dress.
Sometimes my procrastination comes in handy - I waited so long I got this dress on sale so that's a plus.
The term wiggle dress came around in the late 1950s and early 60s and I can see why! The cinched waist and narrow hem makes you walk one foot in front of the other (not exactly a wiggle) but there would be no running to catch cabs or ubers in this number.
I'm usually not down for prints, but for some reason I like this one. 
It's probably because its simple, the colors compliment each other, and the way the repeat is played out it doesn't really look like your average four square repetitive printed dress.
Maybe it's not that I don't like prints - maybe I can just never find the right ones??

Every aspect of this dress makes me act like a lady *lowers head because I hate acting proper*.  
I feel like Dita Von Teese, you know in that famous photograph were she drops her umbrella and three men rush to pick it up for her because she can't really bend in her dress.
I have to slowly sit down, raise my dress slightly, then cross my ankles (as Julie Andrews taught us in The Princess Diares). 
Is it worth it?
Why yes, of course.
1. Because I should probably sit properly in every outfit not just in fitted dresses.
2.This dress is cute and we could all use a little help in posture and etiquette every now and then.

Photography: Kenneth Purdom

Wiggle Dress - Asos, Pointed Toe Heels - Agaci

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