Bomb(er)ing Up the Place


From now on I'm dressing as if it's fall weather even if it's 90 degrees outside. I am so tired of this heat. 
I am ready for L A Y E R I N G weather!
It's late September and the temperature is still in the high 70s and 80s on the regular here in TN. 
I cannot wait to start walking to class in jackets and jeans without having to rip clothing off and tie them around my waist.

If you haven't already noticed khaki, army green, and olive are the IT colors this fall anddd you know what looks great in those hues... Bomber Jackets!
Bomber jackets are a great option for Fall and even Winter. 
They were all over the Fall runways and so many brands have great variations to choose from including: Nasty Gal, AsosBoohooMissguidedTopshop, and Forever21
Ciara, Kylie Jenner, and Kim K have been spotted rocking a bomber jacket or two and I'm loving it.
(These sandals from Mango are my absolute favorite)

Even though wide leg jeans and pants are "in" due to the emerging 1970's trend, you will never (never say never) catch me in a pair of jeans that aren't skin tight and skinny.
I used to buy all my jeans from Hollister - way back when I didn't realize that their jeans suck and so does their brand image and target market (just being honest). So now all my jeans are from Asos, as are 85% of everything else in my closet.

I paired this jacket with a crop top and jeans just because I like to break an outfit up.
I almost paired it with a khaki dress but it was way too khaki and wayy too boring.
I can't way till cooler weather to play around with this jacket some more and see what other outfits can come from it.
I also have an amazing skater bomber jacket from Pixie Market that I bought this summer, but that's definitely a winter item so I'll have to wait a few months before bringing that baby out.

(I wear the exact same rings everyday - get used to it)
Photography: Kenneth Purdom

Bomber Jacket - Forever 21 (RED), Crop Top - Missguided (similar), Jeans - ASOS (similar), Sandals - Mango (similar), Small Watch - ICING, Medium Face Watch - ALDO

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