Shoe Shopping: Fall Edition

I don't know about you guys but when it comes to seasons, I'm a Fall kind of girl!

Fashion is just more fun in the Fall cause you can mix colors but also layer without worrying about sweating or freezing to death.

I live for Fall and I am always shopping for chunky sandals and boots (especially Chelsea boots).

I snagged both of these beauties from Mango on sale! 

I've been looking to replace my favorite heeled Chelsea boots (from Boohoo) that I've literally been wearing forever and I thought these leather western style boots were a good second.
Anddd I just love these sandals I could not NOT buy them!
I get loads of compliments every time I wear them!

BTW I'm still looking for the perfect dark brown pointed toe heeled Chelsea boots - so if you know where to find some that aren't expensive let a girl know!

Leather Heeled Sandals - Mango, Leather Boots - Mango (sold out)

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