Jumping on that Contour Bandwagon

In cosmetics, the biggest trends are EYEBROWS, LIPS, and CONTOUR.
From Nadia Aboulhosn's perfect eyebrows to Kim K's contour, everyone seems to be defining their brows or contouring it up.

I usually keep my makeup routine simple.
A little powder, Anastasia brow gel, some lipstick, a bit of mascara and I'm good to go!
But I decided to try out contouring and see what the big deal was.

The result was.........I love it!

I picked up the NARS contour blush Paloma palette from Sephora and its great.
You don't need much product to create a subtle definition which is what I like.

Contouring is definitely not something I would do everyday, but if I'm "feeling' myself" and feel like actually doing my makeup it adds a lot to the look while bringing out your strongest features.

Products used: MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation NC45, NARS Contour Blush Paloma, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream Transylvania, e.l.f. Volume Plumping Mascara, ICING Natural Eyeshadow Palette 

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