Back to School Outfit Planning

As we all know back-to-school season has already begun and sooner than we want to believe most of us will be back in school, waiting for the return of summer.
I personally enjoy school.
As a junior in college, I don't even start classes till late August and I have the pleasure of learning without the adolescent high school drama.
By far, my favorite part of the back to school season is going shopping for new outfits or items to enhance my already overflowing closet. I like dressing well when I go to class, I feel as if I'm outshining all the other bitches on campus (p.s. most of the girls on campus aren't bitches it's just fun to feel like I have this underlying reason to dress nice everyday).

My days off are now spent online shopping and putting together outfit sets on Polyvore.
Here's a few of my back-to-school outfit ideas:

For the fall season I am totally obsessed with wide brim hats, vintage feel dresses, sassy graphic tees, and dark shades lipstick.

I like to keep my outfits simple with a statement piece.
If I wear a big hat I'll wear a simple, sleek dress to tone the hat down and I'll keep my makeup light but throw on a dark shade of lipstick to complete the look.
My favorite is to wear super tight fitting jeans (because my booty is my favorite asset to accent) with an oversized band or graphic tee with some Chelsea boots or wedges.

Go ahead, get on Polyvore and make a few outfit sets yourself!
It will help you when you go back-to-school shopping, you'll already have outfits in mind and picking clothes to match will be easier and fun.

Let me know what your fave things to wear this Fall are int he comments below!

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