Is Healthy Food a Lifestyle for Me?

As a busy college student grocery shopping is always last on my list, and an activity I dread monthly. However, I'm tired of the way I feel at the end of a week filled with fast foods. So this week when I went grocery shopping I decided to shop a little healthier.

I remember as a kid I loved fruits and vegetables more than chips and cookies, and I am grateful that my mom cooked dinner 90% of the time instead of always taking me to McDonald's. As I've gotten older and busier I've gotten so lazy when it comes to preparing meals and keeping my body full of nutrition foods.
I can definitely tell a difference in my body when I eat healthier and exercise weekly, so hopefully this is the start of many more healthy grocery shopping trips.

The hardest thing for me is actually eat these foods before they go bad. Working two jobs and going to school full-time doesn't leave a lot of extra hours in my day, and with healthy food you need the extra time to actually prepare a meal. So I stuck to foods that can be cooked easily or eaten raw. 
I guess we'll see how long I can actually do this!

"You're in pretty good shape for the shape you are in." 
- Dr. Seuss

Leave some comments below on how you guys stay healthy and active.

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